Concierge Tips

Vincenzo e Marco - The concierge of the Grand Hotel Parker's

We are Marco and Vincenzo, and we hold- not only symbolically- the golden keys of your stay, guiding you to discover a conscious use of free time. We help you to know how to enjoy a splendid stay with us at the Grand Hotel Parkers’: a history of welcome and hospitality for more than 150 years in Naples.

Les Clefs d'Or Association - is a true ethical paradigm of hospitality and professional partnership where prestigious professionals in hospitality grow and train: we are proud Italian members who incorporate the principles and the cultural-programmatic heritage. We aim to contribute to a greater qualification of your welcome, to enjoy the services of luxury hotels, with offers of “ad hoc” packages tailored to the needs of the individual customer.

We therefore want to try to offer you a composite and stratified experience during your holiday, which makes your room, ideally, a real logistical point of irradiation of cultural offshoots in which immerse yourself: we have a wealth of knowledge and options to offer to you, in a territory rich in history and unparalleled beauty, which deserves to be rediscovered and valued by operators in the sector.

We will be happy to welcome you at the Grand Hotel Parker's, carving out a tailored offer if you wish to honor us by requesting our services, and to follow us on the virtual pages of our blog: we promise to reinvent ourselves for you, to try to discover and satisfy your preferences with the desire to escape from one's daily working life and treat oneself well, in a psycho-physical well-being context and hospitality at the Grand Hotel Parker's.

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