Everyday we focus to respect the environment where we live.

From the attention we put in the food waste in our kitchen, to the water and energy waste, until the use of ecological materials. Our little help to offering you an eco-sustainable stay.

  • recycled paper

    Paper and plastic reduction

    We use recycled paper certified by our distributors. We have also reduced the use of plastic to eliminate one-time use, adopting the 4R principle: Reduce; Reuse; Replace; Recycle.

  • bamboo cards

    Sustainable key card

    The ecological magnetic cards are in biodegradable bamboo. Delivered together with the traditional keys, are used to activate the room's electrical system, for the energy saving.

  • electric bike


    Thanks to an App, you can easily rent traditional, electric bicycles and kick scooters as well. Bus and metro station and funicular are only a few steps from our hotel. Additionally, in our parking You can recharge your electric car.

  • maid making up room

    Eco-sustainable cleaning

    Our cleaning products are certified with the lowest degree of pollution, offering at the same time an excellent quality. We ask to our dear guest to be involved in by requesting fewer unnecessary linen changes.


 ISO 9001:2015 Quality management systems  ISO 14001:2015 Environmental management systems Certificate DCA

The Grand Hotel Parker’s has the ISO (International Standards Organization) 9001 which documents the quality of the structure and ISO 14001 as environmental certification, an instrument of self-control and accountability to pursue a continuous improvement of its performance. We are committed not only to comply with the relevant legal provisions but also to improve performance and transparency towards the outside, increasing internal efficiency.